Steinberg Activation Manager won't install

What is in the Steinberg folder ?

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ill list a few
from top
about,click samples,components,fonts,help html ,midi port enabler etc etc
then after the list of folders is atmos storage .dll, the cubase app shortcut fxbank and ends with vst3 plugin

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I’m asking for the Steinberg folder not the Cubase folder ! Just go to the parent folder !

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sorry,i see how to go back to steinberg folder now,
it has asio,cubase 11 cubase 12 groove agent se halion sonic se install assistant spec layers 7 steinberg library manager vst plugins

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Well there should be the Steinberg Activation Manager folder in here. It is really weird it did not install.
Afaik, the activation manager was already included in the late Cubase 11 builds, and it did not install as a program and had no shortcut on the desktop.
Before installing Cubase 12, I have removed Cubase 11, but the Activation Manager did still “install” itself the same way, meaning I had to retrieve it manually.

Sorry, I am out of suggestions, if you don’t find it then something may be preventing the installation, can be an anti-virus or strange folders permissions.
Does that also fail when installing as an Administrator ?

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yes also as admin

its so weird when i open download assistant that it says i have to update activation manager,i click ok,then after a bit download manager opens
if i click no to update activation manager download manager wont open

updating steinberg activation manager 38mb,then the do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device comes up,i click yes then updating box spins for 5 secs and closes,and lets me into download assistant

if i close assistant,go to start menu type in activation manager,the only thing that shows is the installer.exe,gives me option to open,which if i do,it will try and install then dissapear

im heading to bed been at this for hours and hours,
any more suggestions will be appreciated
sledgehamer not required,i have one of those!

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no replies guys?
i thought there would have been a few sugestions for me when i got up this morning.

i see in my programs list there is steinberg install assistant
does anyone else have this?

i also have steinberg download assistant,i know what it is,but install assistant,thought perhaps it might be dodgy

i deleted install assistant,rand download manager and it reinstalls install assistant,and its back on my programs list, also once again updates activation manager,but its nowhere to be seen

ok so done search for steinberg in local disk C
found steinberg activation manager in c program data\microsoft\windows\startmenu\programs
couldnt believe it there was an uninstall shortcut in there,so i thought im on a winner here.
clicked it and…
“this action is only valid for products that are currently installed”

how can noone else have any clues what to do here!

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I’d deinstall every Steinberg program and remove any remaining folder, such as in Program File (normal + x86), ProgramData and User>AppData>Roaming, then install Steinberg Download Assistant and start from there.
Just a reminder that the Download Assistant also installs the Activation Manager at the same time, if it can install Download assistant there is no reason it couldn’t install the rest.
However I am not in your computer and maybe at some point you used some “cleaning” software that broke the Registry, or you are using third-party Anti-Virus that is blocking the installer.

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This or something similar is what I suspected. It might be simpler/faster to just reset windows completely and start from scratch.

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thanks for replying,only cleaner i use is ccleaner,and windows defender is all i have,i turned it off at one stage to ry and install manager.
reinstalling windows is far from simple,well it might be simple actually but a hassle.
have to reinstall all programs afterwards.
i had though myself about uninstalling evrything steinberg.might try that.

ok so uninstalled everything,deleted files
installed download assistant,downloaded cubase 12( i have trial)
started cubase and …baaamm!
no valid license found

Activation manager nowhere to be found

Hello colin‍,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please make sure that your Windows updates are run. Please also make sure that the antivirus and Windows firewall do not block the applications. Please install and start Steinberg Activation Manager with the latest version and log in with your MySteinberg account information.

this is what steinberg suport suggested first

Hello colin‍,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Please install Steinberg Activation Manager and log in with your MySteinberg account information in the application.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

2nd response after i told them i deleted everything and reinstalled cubase 12 and download manager

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Please edit your existing posts instead of making multiple new topics and posts. It makes the topic harder to follow for others who might be facing the same issue, or anyone trying to help you. Click this pencil icon to edit your post:

As for your issue, the Steinberg Activation Manager is automatically installed when the Steinberg Download Assistant is run. What most likely happened is that an overly eager cleanup app (could have been CCleaner) or some kind of virus wrecked your installation.

We’ll have to try to undo this mess.

  • First, you’ll need some kind of uninstaller software. The free trial version of Revo Uninstaller Pro should work.
  • Install and run it, click “All Programs” to the left, then look for Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Click the big Uninstall button to the top left. If it doesn’t work or if Steinberg Activation Manager isn’t on the list, click Forced Uninstall and search for Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Now perform a Moderate scan. When the “Found leftover Registry items” window appears, click Select All, then Delete, then Next.
  • Let it remove anything related to the Activation Manager until there’s no more dialog windows.

Hopefully, now you should be able to install the Steinberg Activation Manager correctly. You can download it here:

Let me know if this works for you.