Steinberg and downloadable products....


This is the first time that I downloaded cubase. I usually just bought it in the music store nearby but as it’ seems to be only available digitally at this tme, I’d take the jump. But I’m a bit amazed why this download is only available 14 days ?

I know It’s little effor to just put the installer on a blank disc, but in a time where even games are permanently downloaded via steam, isn’t it possible for steinberg to offer a permanent solution ?


Haven’t bought 6.5 myself yet, but if this is correct, I hope it changes soon. Expiring downloads don’t belong to quality online services.

It doesn’t even make any sense. The expiration is not for piracy concerns, because there’s the dongle. And people being slightly more careful with their installers can’t possibly save enough bandwidth to make up for the extra workload of people asking for new links.


I’ve been looking into purchasing some Steinberg content, but I am hesitant to do so until this is changed.
Please Steinberg! :slight_smile: I’ll be your best friend!! :laughing:

At least they are at last moving in this direction, if only in fits and spurts

Let’s just hope for the best. I’ve seen steinberg media PR grow nicely over the last years. in 2009 people were still complaining to death about communication. I also hope that downloaders get a permanent solution soon.

Even a “small” company like celemony has it right. They whip you up a personal download of their melodyne install just for you, whenever you need it. (it’s somehow automated)