Steinberg and Samsung have something in common

Just for those who didn’t notice yet. :smiley:

Galaxy S4 → Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy S5 → Galaxy Note 4
Galaxy S6 → Galaxy Note 5 (hopefully, I want to replace my Note 2 this autumn and I will only do it when I get TONS of new features, haha)

which looks a lot like:

Cubase 6 → Nuendo 5
Cubase 7 → Nuendo 6
Cubase 8 → Nuendo 7

Aren’t the USB keys the same size though? Am I missing something here?

Also, they both start with the letter “S”.

Now I am really confused…

Navigator gets lost sometimes…:stuck_out_tongue:

-as do i by posting:p

  • try using google maps and not ios6 apple maps:p

    Edit: argll, its happening again… Im turning silly… need to log out again before i start posting …stuff…:stuck_out_tongue: