Steinberg and Yamaha a match made in Heaven?

What do you get when you put together the best in hardware and the best in software companies?
well up until now we had a few interfaces and maybe a few other cooperations here and there
But nothing to be excited about it , i think here we have a unique and tremendous advantage yet to be discovered
and i believe it is the future of music the fusion of both in human-centric applications , reacting with music by touching and feeling is the next step and these companies are in a position of doing it …

You do know there’s a separate forum for this type of subject?

you consider this as an abstract post ?

It may be a very interesting subject, but it has nothing to do with Cubase 6/6.5. Maybe not Music Lounge but the hardware forum is more appropriate.

Germany and Japan did not win the war in the end but came very close.

As for Cakewalk & Roland, I know which one I prefer.

At least here in Brazil, it seems that Steinberg products now have a better distribution, I think this is a result of Yamaha.

I can say that, for myself, Yamaha was responsible for introducing me to Cubase (and Steinberg) and giving Steinberg a repeat customer.

My first Cubase version (AI4) was bundled with a Yamaha MIDI controller.
Before purchasing that controller, I had not known of either Cubase or Steinberg.
(This was a few years ago and I was just getting interested in digital audio production)

My second Cubase version (AI5) was also bundled with a Yamaha product.

My experiences with those versions led me to purchase Cubase 6.
My purchase of Cubase 6 led me to purchase several Steinberg virtual instruments and most of the CMC series.

If it wasn’t for Yamaha, I may have never become a Steinberg customer.

Aloha S,

and just the opposite for me. But we have arrived at the same place.

Because I am a MIDI guitarist I have always been a Roland fan boy.
But because I use Cubase I checked out and eventually
ended up with a couple of Yamaha ‘Cubase ready’ n12s.
and I’ve never been happier.

Can’t wait for the next n12 version with a Thunderbolt connection
to an SSD drive. Sweet!! (one can hope)


I have had a yamaha n12 for 3 years or so now. i have never been happier than with this combo. i am looking at a yamaha 01v96i now for some live and studio work and cannot wait

i truly hope they come out though with something like a yamaha n24 with true motorized faders, scene recall etc. A true cubase/yamaha mixer combo with no layers and great sounds and stability

i cannot see myself ever moving from yamaha and cubase at the rate things are going. i really feel cubase is now the most comprehensive and best DAW out there and yamaha make the best mixer hardware. as a mixer/digital guy i love this combo

Sure it concerns Cubase because software needs hardware how else can you interact with it
and already yamaha has technologies inside Cubase such as Halion patches , Loopmash , pitchcorrect etc…
but if you take a look at Yamaha history you get dissapointed with its up until now involvement
they can do a lot more and unique things

I think both companies (roland & yamaha) make decent mid-level hardware but as technology advances often the innovations come from these giants.

As for synergy, I think Yamaha/Steinberg have it although my preference is often for the simple approach of the Cakewalk audio inferface range.

Having said that nothing beats Cubase, and Yamaha being the behemoth and money bags that it is, has allowed it (steinberg) to flourish.

I think it’s a great match. Seems wherever I look around me there’s something that says Yamaha on it, and it’s always solid. Now Cubase 6 is also solid, at least for me. Works great with Steinberg MR816CSX, which I assume is Yamaha inside.

And they make great motor bikes :mrgreen: Yamaha that is…

Next synth from Steinberg:

Yamaha motor bike engine! :laughing:

We had this Yamaha discussion on the old forum (i think) and I remember posting a list of all the items that Yamaha make/made, this list was huge, including many, many amazing musical instruments.

Here> List of Yamaha Corporation products - Wikipedia

With engine control from Steinberg software, I heard. Just every 10.000 kilometers you need to trash your preferences and it’s fine again! :laughing:

And twice a year the engine takes half an hour to start, due to timechanges…

Sometimes after a crash you might find your preferences (or memory for things) deleted with amnesia or otherwise restored to a place you are only barely remember.

The danger I see, is that these conglomerate can turn sour, because of the size they turn into. Fortunately, it looks like they are trying to maintain the integrity between the two particular companies in question (Steinberg & Yamaha) which is happiness.

The good, could be a multitude of things. One example is hardware that is tied to software, like the MR 816 series, that I like a lot. Some people have had problems with them, but we’ve been lucky. Another thing is that maybe a new standard of musical instruments can eventually be forged. Both companies have pushed out new standards of operation (VST3, mLAN, etc,) in the past, so maybe we can hope for a fresh thought on something that can eventually take over after MIDI (and maybe even include MIDI as a subset protocol, like VST3). :wink: