Steinberg announces new plug-in (humorous content)

This isn’t strictly Dorico-related, but regular viewers of Dorico videos might enjoy seeing our very own Anthony Hughes in a slightly different role.

(PS Happy 1st April)


Y’all understand that we really, actually, seriously need this, right? :sunglasses:


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Dorico has a popover where you can play “Adventure” or “Gruds in Space” - text based seemed more natural for notation software I suppose.

I want It!

Nice game, but Every time the ball hits the left bat, the program crashes.

Anthony Hughes channeling Brian Butterfield there.


I am referring to the video istelf.
Seems easy but it takes time to make.

Very well done, great acting, elegant and hilarious. And great voice!
This gives a good image of Steinberg. Humour is important.

“Today!” :rofl:

Nice work Anthony :wink: