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Below are a few exchanges I had recently just wanting status updates on the CC 121 & CMC units. Granted the replies are rote,especially the CC 121link which says nothing about C 7 directly, but Steinberg is still on record. My suspicion is that,in the"short" long run the the economic lure of going the app route will be the norm for software companies who see hardware development as not being cost effective. The parallel would be the pdf manual instead of hardcopy. Look how NI’ s Kore died regardless of popularity.

That said I have the 816, as well as the above units and it would be a very bitter pill to swallow if C7 doesn’t fully support them.


Yes, the CMC controllers are supported to work. Here is the link of current known hardware issues with Cubase 7 (which are being worked on):

We expect the CMC issues will be addressed in an update in February. Thank you.

Chris Dobbs Steinberg US Support

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I’m sorry,

But I don’t see any indication of support for Cubase 7 in the link provided. I was also referring to the CMC series controllers. Will these hardware items be fully supported in C7? If so, what is the approximate schedule for upates?

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I see the CC121 listed in your email. Are you referring to other pieces of hardware?

Yes, the CC121 is supported for use with Cubase 7:

Thank you.

Chris Dobbs Steinberg US Support

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-------------------------------------------------------------------Subject: Viability with C7 Description: could you please provide a status report on the Steinberg hardware functionality with C7? If these products will only have limited use with C7, I still have the opportunity to return them to the dealer.

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Unfortunately I was right about the app route:

Since I just bought the CC121 and a few CMC units, I want to believe Steinberg will FULLY support them for at least a few more versions. The honest answer is why should they? Companies are first & foremost about profits. Look at our creative endeavor: music. As the internet “matured” music making became the poster child for the economics of “now”. Why pay for it when it has no physical presence? So it is with hardware devices: hook software supporters with the uniqueness of the “exclusive” attributes of a hardware device. Sell x number of units, then abandon the product for the new version or simply a software version.

I’m looking at my NI Kore controller, still useable but limited. I remember Receptor ver1, the ultimate vst unit, suppose to be “upgradeable” until ver 2 came out. A little bitter? Yes, but I recognize I’m the fool, not Steinberg.

So what’s the point of this “rant”(?). I remember reading years ago how most software has become “bloat ware” do to the hardware development of computers/processors. Correct me if I’m wrong about this but programs could be made to run more efficiently & be much more stable than they are if more time was dedicated to programming & pursuing more elegant operating systems. The point was that more computing power does not in itself improve efficiency or stability but rather helps sell the “promise” of a better product.

I’ve often wondered if a company, like Steinberg, were to say our next “version” will add nothing new except it will be bug free and stable, there will be no other up dates for a year and a half. If this “fantasy” were possible how much would you pay for such an “update”?

Being a fantasy it will never happen. The majority will continue to fall for “more stuff”, “new features”, spend time fiddle faddling with being a permanent beta tester and not think twice about it. What car(s) would today’s music software be equivalent to?

Go in to a movie theater, listen to the preview soundtracks. Quantum Leap must be making a fortune - their “Storm Drum” samples are in most of the stuff you hear. What is creative electronic music or is it an oxymoron?

I think the consumptive side of this “consumer” needs to go on a diet , burp…