Steinberg: any chance, tonic and midigate get Replacements?

I use tonic and especially midigate a lot. Unfortunately they will not work in lion. Also, believe it or not, vb1 has some use for me.

As for tonic and vb1, well, there is 3d party stuff that can do the trick as well.

However, the incredibly simple but usefull midigate has not been matched by 3d party components. Furthermore cubase really should come with a filter like tonic just for being complete.

Midigate is buggy in osx. High latencies make it gate unprecisely.

I really hope steinberg will at least transport, fix, midigate to osx lion and vst3, 64bit.

Any word on this, or do i have to learn to code?

+1 on Tonic. Cubase should not be without it. Please port to VST3/64-bit. And although I don’t use it much, MIDIgate is a great tool as well.

i use midigate with jbridge on pc win 7 x64