Steinberg are drinking the Kool Aid

What is in that cup?!

Looks alien to me.

Nothing alien to see here, move along… :sunglasses:

I smell a conspiracy here.

Come to think of it, maybe I’ve drunk too much kool Aid…


That’s the disco open/close hi-hat sound:
‘peasoup’ ‘peasoup’ ‘peasoup’ ‘peasoup’

CUBA? on the manual


Lands back to earth with a thud Thanks for clarifying Steve.

LOL @ Curteye :laughing:
@Steve, don’t spoil the game just yet :sunglasses:

It’s an empty IKEA cup :wink:

So the beverage is now in somebody’s bloodstream ??? :open_mouth:

Yes, and he’s moderating – so beware…

babes on chlorophyll? w e i r d n e s s! :open_mouth: