Steinberg/Asknet Support problem

This is not actually a problem with Cubase but a problem with my order and the fact that no one at support has answered any of my emails!!

I ordered cubase 10 artist on May 18th, which needed to include the USB E Licenser key. Since I could not wait 10 days to receive this, the next day I called around town and found a local music store that had it in stock and bought it.

Once everything was setup and working I submitted a ticket to Asknet Support telling them to cancel part of my order, and to reimburse the charges, since I already had bought the USB key. I also sent them a seperate email (e-mail) as it was not letting me create an account on their website.

The next day I received an email with my invoice. I again emailed Asknet Support and also CCd Steinberg (e-mail). Telling them again not to send me the USB key and to cancel my order. No Answer.

Day after that I received a shipping confirmation. For the third time I sent another email, this time adding e-mail (along with e-mail and e-mail). Still no answer.

Yesterday in the mail I received the USB key in the mail, which I have not opened!

Yes I know there’s the 1-415-449-5700 number for asknet. But the hours are from Monday to Friday while I’m working. Also this is a long distance and I do not want to end up with a crazy phone bill from calling them!

Can someone from Steinberg please help me with this? I am a first time user of Cubase and this is off to a bad start!

Thank you,


I’ve called the customer support number (1-415-449-5700) a couple of times and no one ever answers.

I’ve left messages and no one has called me back!!

I called them yesterday, left a message. No call back. I called them today, several times, the call drops after 3 rings. I’ve also sent email to no response.

all of the above = customer service nightmare. Please pay attention to this Steinberg, you got my money, where is the product?