Steinberg audio interfaces and virtual machines

Is it actually possible to use an URx audio interface as main audio device inside a Windows virtual environment (VirtualBox or similar), so to set up an entire… musical workshop inside a dedicated VM, quite easy to be backed up or, in case, restored after some… route accident?

Theoretically it should be feasible without problems, thanks to the now consolidated ability to attach any USB compliant device to a VM, but as far as I know some audio interfaces don’t get detected or, even when regularly detected and identified (as external USB audio devices) by the virtual machine, do not allow the following installation of the drivers, or they allow it but then they don’t work well (no audio at all or quite disturbed audio, asio drivers not recognized by Cubase and so on). Maybe because they are not totally compliant to the USB standards or for other reasons.

Is there, amongst the forum users, anyone who has actually succeeded in such a task with an URx interface
(or possibly with any other Steinberg audio interface)?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.