Steinberg audio interfaces with Cubasis/iPad support


The following Steinberg hardware audio interfaces are compatible with the iPad:

  • UR824
  • UR28M
  • UR44
  • UR12

IMPORTANT: If you have any question related to the class compliant mode for your UR 824 and UR28M please post these questions on the UR forum:

Could you find some documentation on putting my UR28M in CC Mode so i could use with my iPAD, i did all the firmware updates,but it still does not work.

crohde found it


You can find the description on page 31 of the manual.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Hi! I have a question. I use different class compliant device with my ipad 4 generation. I use : audiogram Yamaha 6, gn2u zoom. These two interfeces are recognized by ipad perfectly , I use them with garageband,sunrizer,animoog,bs16,Ielectribe and others. But when I try to use my devices with cubasis … Playback audio seems to be afflicted by a sort of " bit reduction effect" on the output of cubasis. Then if I exit cubasis all the audio sistem of ipad have the same problem. So I’ve to unplug and plug again the interface to work properly.
This problem appeared after 1.6 release of cubasis. Before all seemed to work fine without any issue. After the recent upgrades cubasis become unusable with generic class compliant device . Can you help solve this? Thanks, leox2012.


Can I use other usb audio interfaces, different from steinberg?

I have MOTU Ultralite mk3 with firewire interface and I’d like to use it with cubasis.
Can it be connected to iPad using some 30pin to firewire adapter?

If not, can I use MOTU Ultralite Hybrid audio interface with usb cable?



Sorry for the late reply.
You can use any interface that supports the iPad (i.e. class compliant USB drivers). Check the manufacturer’s website to see if your interface has class compliant USB drivers for iPad use.

Roland DUO-CAPTURE EX is fantastic with ipad; compatible with all Apps, and the output audio latency is 2ms faster than analogic ipad output (sooner a benchmark test on my site :slight_smile: )

Can you please be a bit more specific as i got two UR44 on my ipad (ios7) and they didnt work (noisy on the inst input)
and Guillermo mentioned a firmware update is needed ! Can you confirm that this is correct!
Thank you

Dear meister d,

Please make sure you have the latest firmware installed for your UR44 and follow the instructions here:

Thank you!

I’m using a Behringer xenyx 1204usb audio interface. It works fine with Auria and other apps, but doesn’t work with cubasis. I can’t get no sound, and when I connect the audio interface the input gain stops working. I’m using iPad air1 with iOS 8.
Can you help me please?

hi, is UR22 also made iPad compatible using the new Cubasis software released?

The UR22 is not iOS compatible.

Please get in touch with Behringer about iOS and Cubasis compatibility.


Based on the following Steinberg link, the UR22MKII is an iOS compatible interface, and has Cubasis support. I am thinking of picking up one of these, but want it confirmed that is does in fact have support with Cubasis:

Yes, the UR22MKII is fully Cubasis compatible… Cubasis LE is already included!

Thanks for your interest! :sunglasses:

Thanks Ricarco, I am going to grab one this week.

Excellent, thanks!

In case you have any more questions or need support, we are here! :wink:


Hi Guys, I have a tascam us-16x08, i have used this with other apps as garaje band or auria but when I downloaded the cubasis demo it says “connect a compatible device” so I’m not sure about purchase cubasis. Besides online documentation of interface compatibility just listed up to tascam us-4x4.
Can somebody help me to figure out if I could use cubasis with the tascam us-16x08?


thanks for your interest in Cubasis LE and Cubasis!

You have downloaded Cubasis LE and that the moment we only support the Tascam US-2x2 and US-4x4 devices.

You can get Cubasis instead since the US-16x08 is indicated as CC class compliant. Try contacting Tascam in advance to see if they confirm full compatibility.