I just saw axr4 and I am really impressed it’s very good I already have RME UCX and its works great but I want to know how much better the AXR is compared with the RME, if there is a lot of difference then I think I should upgrade? what does dual sound card mean and how it’s work?
Basically I want to know that will it sink perfectly with Cubase without latency, No hiss and noise. I have 3 keyboards and I connect them through RME and record them into Cubase.

Keep your RME :slight_smile: They are the audio interface kings. If you wanted a real upgrade then you could get RME’s top of the line interface. Or a UAD Apollo X series.

Interfaces are not designed with one specific software in mind. The best interfaces you can get are going to be the interfaces with lowest latency.
So the top three are RME, UAD and Presonus Quantum

This is all talked about in great detail here

Excellent your reply is very detailed, now I understand and I will keep my RME+UCX. Thanks.

Next, Please guide me buying a new PC ;
Actually now I use my 10 year old Desktop Pc please see attached pic.
Next I want to buying new PC bagged is $3200 just for (Processor, Motherboard and 32gbRAM) but I’m not clear which one I will buy i9 or i7 9800X, and how can I find its compatible board & ram?

I do not think it is necessary to spend that much money on a PC. I recently purchased a small form factor PC and it is near silent. All my specs are located in my signature. This PC is smoking fast and cost me about 1000.00

I have a Mac Mini in my studio, Focusrite thunderbolt and black magic eGPU… I use it for Nuendo for audio, FCPX for video, Resolve for color etc.

And it is completely silent.