Steinberg being fair with customers

Although I haven’t yet upgraded to 6.5 (I’m on 5) I intend to. Like others I had been wondering if 6.5 was just a money maker for Steinberg just before going to V7. I’m sure a lot of the suspicion comes from one of the top producers of quality vst products, where in those of us who took their upgrade “offer” just before a new version came out with a very narrow grace period. I have yet to even open the upgrade offer version just because I felt suckered in to the purchase.

Not so with Steinberg. I think how they’ve explained their upgrade policy is the right way to maintain customer loyalty. A company that recognizes customer loyalty as a valuable asset has my support and $$$, especially during these questionable economic times.

I was holding out on upgrading to 6.0 because V5 seemed to be adequate, I personally could careless about more synth stuff, but the 6.0 performance (as well as the few in 6.5) will make it worthwhile for me, since I don’t have to worry about paying too much for V7 improvements whenever that may be.

Finally, someone who talks logically.

But please, this topic has been done to death… :cry: