Steinberg Black Friday?

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Will Steinberg be having any Black Friday deals? …I am waiting for Groove Agent to be on offer.

Cakewalk have a sale on now and I picked up the upgrade from my 10 year old Sonar 3 Producer to Sonar X3 Producer for £42.02.

Sonar X3 highlights for me are the included Melodyne that is fully integrated, the full version of Addictive Drums 2, the Matrix is cool and the new comping, there is a ton of stuff included with some nice plugs.

I would love to upgrade my Wavelab 4 but there is no option and I can’t justify paying the full price for the current version, it would be nice if Steinberg would allow us with legacy software to upgrade. like Cakewalk do.

I’m waiting for a Black Friday deal on GA4, too.

An great update price on Wavelab 8.5 from 8 would be nice. Also a great cross grade price from elements would be great. :slight_smile:

When we at it a friendly tips. will do Black Friday and it start already at Wednesday. I can promise you don’t want to miss that one. :wink:

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Too bad I already own everything I want from Plugin Alliance (the top SPL tools). :slight_smile:

Nothing for us?
I want Wavelab & Groove Agent 4

Perhaps Steiny considers the new lower price(s) for The Grand’/(se) to be in the running for that category.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Black Friday is American thing. I don’t think European companies have this. There is no Thanksgiving and turkey dinner in Europe AFAIK.

The American influence in Germany is very strong. It’s also a strong incentive for online stores generally.


Although those plugs are on sale is there a try before you buy download/version ?


on every product’s page there is a Trial section where you can download the software in order to try it.

From the main website choose Products, then VST Instruments - from there you can access all of the individual products’ pages.

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Yesterday when i checked on the cost of HALion Symphonic Orchestra it was 50% off the $99. price.

I download a trial version and today am prepared to purchase HALion Symphonic Orchestra however it now shows full price of $99 with no 50% off.

What happened ?

Urgently required help please.

On the checkout page you can add the discount code. BLACKWEEKEND14

Many thanks Sir. :smiley: That code indeed processed that 50% discount.

Silly how i sometimes panic when we can’t spend money :laughing: :laughing:

Must. Get. Deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say, HALion Symphonic Orchestra for $49 is insane value, but be prepared to invest a lot of time learning how to get the best out of it. You can’t just load an “Epic” preset and expect it to work, in fact, it’s possibly one of the most user-unfriendly of Steinberg’s instruments. That said, if you can read a manual, and understand a bit about real instruments and MIDI orchestration, you’ll be fine … and, you’ll be amazed.

Just bought HSO.

Amazing deal! :smiley:


Oh, how right you are Sir.

Not sure why it’s somewhat complicated since i have Philharmonik and also use SIbelius 7.5 ( with the full orchestra data base ) and those are not as complex to use.

However it’s a pretty good sounding orchestra with a wide selection of instruments.

What i’m finding is that in Cubase Elements 7 it can’t handle too many tracks loaded with the orchestra instruments.

Also, unfortunately, the AU plug fails to load for me in Digital Performer 8.

Sorry Steve but the link is dead. What did it say?

I can’t find any hints of any Black Friday deals from Steinberg. :frowning: