Steinberg C8 Compressor display problem


using Steinbergs Cubase 8 Compressor (side chain active):
Level meters only update sporadically

Anyone else having this problem (for me in a large project)


Several folks (including me) have report issues with lagging and stuck meters on FX plugins and the master bus itself.

Same here, C8 Multiband compressor does not update level meters.
It stops for several seconds than updates but for less than a second and then again level meters freeze.

hi there

i got the same problem. but it not only happens with the compressor but with all other plugins i’ve setup in my inserts …
very sad especially when dialing in settings for the compressor -,-’

I will now concentrate on this thread:
since one of the Stein’s from Hamburg are actively moderating it. Feels a bit like the issue is being concerned now - and not just comments to update your drivers. So far, Win/Driver updates and rebooting the system helps at least temporarily. But the slow meters come back from time to time. No idea why.
At the moment the thread title says [SOLVED] - in fact it seems not to be 100% true for some cubase 8 users.