Steinberg - can I pls have the 0.10 installer - 20 is broken

title says it


you can find the Mac 9.0.10 update here:

Thx Fabio :slight_smile:

For Windows the link is:

[Mod edit: corrected link]

In Windows you can just uninstall an update to roll back to previous version.

windows link for 9.0.10 not working for me tried from 2 different computers
all I get is
An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #132.6c8e7b5c.1494278744.22f1c000

Yeah, that’s fine, until you need to do a full reinstall… Pretty soon the .10 update probably wont be offered at that time.

What exactly is broken, please? What doesn’t work to you?

Sorry, that was not very detailed :smiley:

Well - after installing I went to work on a project I had previously worked on for weeks in .10 without issues (except of course for the usual laggy graphics).

Come .20 come trouble - suddenly the CPU maxed out for instance - never happened in .10 - it actually froze for a minute then returned to the usual 50 % CPU usage. This happened several times. I also experienced tracks that acted muted - this actually also happened on .10 a couple of times. Duplicating the track will make the new duplicated track play. Restarting will usually fix it as well. A new project done on .20 plays just fine. I still suffer from heavy GUI lag sometimes - will report more thoroughly.

OK, thanks for the explanation. So the installer is not broken, but the version it self doesn’t work to you.

You observe mostly performance issues in this version. Am I right?


Yes :slight_smile: