Steinberg Canada Telephone Number For Upgrades

I need to upgrade two Cubase 4’s and a Cubase 5 to version 6. I called Steinberg Canada’s support but they appear to be on vacation this week. Does anyone have the telephone number where I can call and order my upgrades for Canada?

Many thanks.

If it’s like the USA, there are no more telephone orders, only online orders. :imp:

Thanks. The only update / upgrade link I could find at (or whatever the Canadian site’s URL is) was an assistant that told me what the product number was. Do you know where I can order online?

Go through the shop at Make sure to log in so it knows your info.

Will do. Many thanks.

I logged in and went to the shop but cannot find an upgrade from 4 to 6 and from 5 to 6. There’s an upgrade from Elements to Full but that seems to be it.

Is this the right shop?

or is there a special one for upgrades?


You can upgrade from your local dealer.

Thanks. I will contact them although I have since moved and am no longer close to them. The last time I upgraded to 5, I did it by calling Steniberg Canada so I think that’s what has confused me.

Or any dealer with a check under upgrades from this list.

Hope this help.

I went to my local Long & McQuade and ordered the upgrades. I gave them a $50 deposit. When I got back I looked at the receipt to find out that they had only ordered 2 upgrades (I needed 3) and the upgrades were from Studio 4/5 to Full 6 instead of from Full 4/5 to Full 6.

The frustrating thing is that I carefully wrote down the product number of the upgrades as shown to me on the Steinberg Canada site (the Upgrades portion of the site) and presented that to the clerk who then proceeded to order the wrong items.

Oh well. It’s all sorted now and I should have the upgrades within 10 business days (the clerk indicated it usually takes 3-5 business days).

Another thing that puzzled me was that the upgrade from 4 full to 6 full cost the same as the upgrade from 5 full to 6 full. I recall spending $200 or so on the upgrade from 4 full to 5 full last year. I would have expected the 4 full to 6 full upgrade to have cost more.

Overall, the process was much more painful than I would have suspected and it turns out (in case any fellow Canadians are in the same boat ((or should I say boot?)) as me) that I could have simply gone to the L&M website and purchased the upgrades online.

Thanks for the help guys!

FYI: Finaly got the CB6 upgrades from Long and McQuade in Ottawa on Friday. It’s a very lengthy process for the year 2011! With some luck, I should have it installed in the next day or two. I’m currently dealing with an eLincenser problem which has deactivated my CB 5 license (it’s in “Transfer Pending” mode and the Maintenance feature keeps erroring out). I’ve posted my dilema in another thread.

Oh well.