Steinberg cash grab :(

I bought cubase a few months ago 3 or 4 not so long, great i thought artist looks like it has decent enough features, so i buy it really happy with it everything is fine.

Then 10 comes out, hmmmm, all of a sudden cubase is crashing, not just a little bit but a lot if i tab out it crashes everytime, i can’t see whats wrong its was working fine before 9.5 was literally working until the day 10 came out :frowning:… I see that if you bought cubase recently you get the upgrade but yeah guess what i’m shit out of luck…

I get irritated, so i thought i’m going to have to do something, so i splash out for Cubase 10 artist, funnily enough I crash within moments except now in Cubase 10 i get a message thats pointing me to have to upgrade my eliscencer software… Funny that isn’t it…

Ok i thought, i’ll get some nice features, ah, thats right, jokes on me i’ll get fuck all… Nothing i’ll use except the workflow updates to how to add a side chain and how being able to add inputs and outputs when i add a track, so there is no feature here just workflow saving me a few clicks…

Ok, i’m looking at new features and brilliant, snapshots, this looks great maybe my £70 to stop me crashing gets me something i’ll use. hahaha. No shit out of luck again :frowning: Give me cubase 9.5 and my £68 back because i dont think this is funny…

To be sure Cubase 10 upgrade from 9.5 gives you ZERO useful production tools where as PRO gets ALL the new production tools basically… Still reserve virigin territories for PRO why??? Why can’t artist have the damn usefulness that where there is no automation the fader stays where you put it or being able to use a save on the mixer instead of having to save the whole file (again)… Please tell me what i actually got useful for the RECORDING artist in cubase 10 upgrade? Anything? Anything that isn’t a graphical upgrade or a damn loop?

I feel violated that you make changes to the elicsener so cubase crashes and gives you no reason why its doing so then when you upgrade to 10 it gives you the reason why its crashing…

Let split the different subjects. Crashing is a bug category and feature sets by product is a business category. I don’t know the details of feature changes in Artist from 9.5 to 10.
I do have one way to look for the bug. Load time crash is caused in relation to some third party plugins. How to find out which plugins are not working until Steinberg fixes the bug?
Download a Visual Studio Community Edition and load the dump file into it. Immediately after loading it will show a list of file names with full path. There you search for VST plugin path. For example if you used in total 10 external plugins, go in the file explorer and move out those 10 temporarily … I mean check the files by name as you see listed in dump. Then you can load the project in Cubase. Of course it will show you missing plugins.
Then try to group those 10 moved out plugins and try to move back and forth. In between restart the Cubase and load the project. At one point you will find all vst plugins which causes the crash. You will see where they are used in project, because it will notify you as missing plugin.

Now you have to decide, if in this currently working process is it feasible to replace those missing plugins with something else which works or not.
If not, then you should use cubase 9.5 for those projects until get fixed in an update.
If you can replace, most probably makes sense to replace only in currently working projects and at least keep the rest as it is or a backup. When the fix will come out, hopefully no need to replace plugins…

It can also happen that some of the plugins will still fail. That will be really a limitation compared to previous version. But now let them a chance to fix the bug.

You seem to misunderstand something here.

There was NO BUG… I was using the same file and same plugins that i’d been working on for weeks, no crashes, then Cubase 10 released, and it started crashing, same files, same audio files, same plugins, the ONLY difference was Cubase 10 released… So i was wondering WTF and eventually couldn’t work so i updated to Cubase 10, then i got the message when it crashed saying elicenser update was required to stop the crash, i updated the eliscenser and everything worked again 100% just like it had been doing for months since i bought cubase…

What I am saying is Steinberg knew that updating the eliscenser would cause a crash of software, I know they know this because when i upgraded to Cubase 10 the warning told me so, however in Cubase 9.5 the crash was NOT followed by a warning about the eliscsencer needing upgrading…

This has NOTHING and i repeat NOTHING to do with any 3rd party software of anykind… nothing… it has to do with the licsence check to the ilok usb… I’m not stupid and neither are Steinberg this was done to get people to upgrade out of frustration… I find it highly suspicious that cubase getting an upgrade would cause the older software to crash… Even so, i still payed it, it would have just been nice if i’d actually got something for the money because from where i’m sitting i got, wait for it, nothing… Elements got all the same shit that artist got in the upgrade and its like a quater of the price… Artist doesnt have combined panner, snapshot or even virgin automation like WOT???

I know you are not a happy CB user at this time but, just saying…
My CB 9.5 did not crash at all before I upgraded to CB 10 or to a newer version of the eLicenser software.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Just a thought!
Maybe you should’ve regularly checked your elicenser for updates!
I got into the habit of checking once a week, it takes maybe 5 minutes and saves a lot of heartache!
On the recommended articles page there are a couple of items about elicenser you could’ve checked out as well!

There is an old expression, a stitch in time saves nine!!!

Jim B

  1. Run the E licenser and UNINSTALL it, Install the latest

  2. Trash prefs

*Always works here

If your Cubase is crashing often, take a look on the full list of installed software on your computer. You have only one video device, only one disk device and many drives and drivers for them. Systems are designed to use drivers to communicate between devices. In spite of this some software uses their own drivers for many devices. Look - Cubase 10 have redesigned again. You probably have another big pieces of software which was downloading some drivers from (they mean) legal sites to work with your devices properly for one and only one purpose and so on. Try to install any version of Cubase on a clean system and you will be surprised! :wink:

I updated Cubase 9.5 to its .41 version. No crashes. I updated USB driver. No crashes, no audio issues others have described. I updated eLicenser. No crashes, no issues. I have Windows 10 and Adobe CS4 installed since I do some graphic desing works. That’s all. No games, no iTunes, no Spotify, no other trash that can badly interfere a studio computer. Some profs will tell you - their studio computer have only Cubase and they plug in internet cable only once a year - for updates. Maybe more often a little :slight_smile:

I will buy Cubase 10 upgrade later at least for one reason - when they release 10.5, I will upgrade for half of price.