Steinberg CC121 Controller issues


Recently purchased a Steinberg CC121 Controller for Cubase Pro 8.5

Have installed according to instructions and the controller responds to all comands except certain transport commands.
I can use the record, play and fast forward, rewind buttons but not the stop button or back to beginning or forward to end buttons. I’ve looked endlessly on device setup and even looked on the internet but to no avail. Can anyone help please ?

If I recall it right you have to install ski-remote package, did you do that. And do you have modified your hotkeys for the stop function?

Ok you do not need the ski-remote package, this was for the ipad app.

Do you have the latest firmware version 1.50 installed?

I’ve updated it to 1.50 firmware but there was a function when you power it up with the stop key pressed and it shows a series of LED’s …this did not happen.

Then the unit isn’t updated with the new firmware, the unit can only be re-programmed if you follow that procedure.

I would try it again or search for a method to validate your firmware version.

ALso try to fill in a error-report at steinberg support as these are the poeple that are supposed to know what to do :slight_smile:

Are this firmware new?

I think it is the latest. Go to the support pages of the CC121 on the SB site :slight_smile: