Steinberg CC121 Fader Error

Hello Everyone!!!
Please help me …
I’m using Windows 10 64 bit and Nuendo 10.
First around one month my CC121 is 100% work. But now , my CC121 motorized Fader can’t control Nuendo Fader. But when I move fader from Nuendo with mouse , CC121 Fader was detected, it’s (CC121 Fader) can move up / down and also can write and read.
**I was adjusted touch sensitivity (guide from page 23 CC121 manual). **
Again and again trying to adjust touch sensitivity, but rec button (Record Button) is not lighting to confirm touch sensitivity …
Help me please :pray::pray::pray:

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Hello Everyone,
I had a poor responding fader when I would change channels in Nuendo.
The fader did not respond very fast or not at all sometimes. Checked out the sensativity level and it was set to 8.
I finally checked the power adapter and sure enough the 12 volt Yamaha power adapter was only outputting 8 volts. After replacing the power adapter with a new one motorized fader now works normally. The motorized fader uses the power from the DC power adapter to operate so if you experience the same, check and replace your power adapter. Cheers !!