Dear friends…
I need help. Does STEINBERG CC121 work perfectly with CUBASE 7 ???
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Yes it does.

cubase in general works with all kind of sound cards…great software :slight_smile:

I use 7 and & 7.5 with CC121 and it all works fine.

Have you managed to map the channel’s listen button ‘L’ to one of the function buttons on the CC121?
I’m fairly sure I did so with 6.5 but I don’t have a working installation anymore.

Thanks, QDriver

Never tried, I’m afraid. But I will…

That’s true, but CC121 is a controller. :wink:

The only thing I don’t like about it, is that it follows the track selection in the project page and not the Channel selection in the Mix Console.

It is pretty obvious to me that a MIX Controller should follow your selected channels in the MIX Console.

As it is now, and you hide some tracks in the project page, it will “jump over” those in the Mix Console (even when the two Visibility Lists are not synced).
No matter what I have hidden in my project page, I would have it to follow what I have visible in the Mix Console at all times.

I really hope they integrate the CC121 a bit better in that regard in future software updates and/or firmware updates. But I don’t expect to much, as I don’t wanna get to dissapointed.

True, following the Mix Console would make the channel scrolling buttons more useful.

Any success woth reporting yet?

i have a post about it in CC121 forum. i would really like a button combination on cc121 to switch focus between project tracks and MC channels, or some preferences to it. so far no response from steiny about this problem !

I use Cubase 7+ and my CC121 almost daily! The only frustrating thing is that the promise of the AI knob with VST 3.0 plug-ins. This promise never came to be where it could control the knobs themselves. Of course, there are a couple of plug-ins that it worked with (but it wasn’t the ones I used. Oh well…). Nice controller nonetheless… and wonderful DAW!