Steinberg CC121

Uh, no, I’m an idiot.
I forgot how to switch the pages and tried it with the buttons “1” to “4” directly – totally fogot that you have to use the “All bypass” button.
Nevertheless I would be interested in having the latest version…


I added the ability to customize the script more easily.
This is the latest version:
Steinberg_CC121.midiremote (6.7 KB)

In the source code you can easily:

  • show/hide the 3rd customization page
  • swap the Q/G knobs
  • show/hide the zooming function

How to customize:
In the MIDI Remote Control pane go the CC121, open the drop-down menu (top left) and select “Open Script Folder”. Open the file Steinberg_CC121.js in a simple text editor. At line 8 you find these entries:

var SHOW_CUSTOME_PAGE = true        // show/hide the 3rd custome page
var SHOW_ZOOMING_KNOBS = true       // show/hide the knobs for vertical and horizontal zooming
var SWAB_Q_G_KNOBS = false          // swab the Q and G knob to follow 

To change the behavior just replace “true” with “false” or vice-versa. Save the script and reload it within Cubase via the Script Tools-> MIDI Remote Script Console or just restart Cubase.
If you want to hide the 3rd custom page, make sure that the custom page is not active when you reload the changed script.


@steve : I can no longer edit the original post. Is it possible to allow me to edit the post to remove the old script files and add this explanation at the top of this thread? Thx