Steinberg Certification Program UK

Hi Steinberg Team.

I am looking forward to join the university next year to study BA(Hons) Music production & Sound Engineering in UK and in meantime I would like to get myself busy trying to get a Steinberg Certification.

I’ve been using Steinberg products for the last 5 years and I am quite confident about how the programs work.

I own Cubase 7 (started at v. 4), Halion Sonic 2, Padshop Pro and CC121 hardware.

If could sent information about the certification program I would appreciate.




you find information about Education and Certifications on the website:

Specifically for the UK:

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I contacted the Midi School in Manchester a couple of times but they never replied.

There is an SAE college near me in Liverpool but it only teaches ABLETON otherwise I would have enrolled.


That’s sad to hear Paul, but we know that sometimes e-mails get lost in the cracks… any chance on the phone?

Education is not really my field, but I can ask.


Ta Fabio,

Its no great problem to be honest. I was very serious last year about enrolling on a Cubase course of some kind and was looking in the Liverpool area. SAE were dreadful in their replies and just seemed to want to take your money! They appear very disorganized imo. Manchester Midi School do short courses for Cubase (I was looking for something more longterm). I had a private tutor for a couple of lessons who came to my flat but he was totally unreliable and very good at wasting time etc!

I have a couple of video series I purchased from GROOVE3 and (I think it was) LEARNING WITH LINDA. But I have not watched these as yet. I had a lot of issues with running Cubase on my Win.8 for a while and after that I became a little less interested for a few reasons.



Hey guys,
I know this is an older thread but I thought I would chime in. My employer covers the cost of me getting certified in applications and other things and as a broadcast engineer I was looking into getting certified in Steinberg Cubase as well. I did a little investigating and the links posted earlier in this thread on Steinberg’s site don’t really lead to anything much for me (I live in the USA). SAE replied to an email I sent saying they don’t offer anything Cubase. Berklee seems to offer something on par with, say a course but nothing mentions certification. I guess these guys will give you a certificate, but I’m not sure that means anything other than you spent money being taught stuff. Ableton on the other hand has a certification process but they’re very anal and selective about it, selecting something like five people who are full-on company people in a certain region. You have to be picked by them to even take the test.

I guess if you’re looking to get certified, as in have something credible to put on your resume as a professional, you’ll just have to look elsewhere.

Hi DG,

Sadly, as keen and available as I was at the time, I simply gave up in the end!

Yes, ‘Ableton Live’ seems to be a very popular course content for many institutions and I suspect that this is because the software is very common amongst DJ’s.

SAE told me that even though they only teach on MAC, and only teach Ableton, this setting would be perfectly fine and all the information transferable to my own equipment (Win7 PC and Cubase Artist). I doubted this advice and also one of the Steinberg Team advised me NOT to take the course!