Steinberg changed HELP page location?

I noticed that the help pages changed (and not for the better). In addition, many (google) links do not work anymore because of this. E.g.,
Please fix.


It looks different. You can have a look at and start from here.

I used to go to the HELP website and just click on Cubase and then the online manual. Very quick. Now I have to search!? In my view a big mistake. Do not fix if it is not broken.
Even if you select ‘cubase’ ‘13’ and ‘webhelp’ it doesn’t directly show the online manual…

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I believe, it’s a bug on the web, which is going to be fixed soon.

See this announcement: Steinberg Help redesign now live.

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In my view it’s a great improvement. It’s just one click here. (reload page to see animation if nec)


But not everywhere. Perhaps a bit more testing is required on different browsers and OSes …

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Nothing, ever, in the history of history has ever reverted to the previous version/edition/situation. Even when the previous was demonstrably better. Not just Steinberg, but all over.

I didn’t use that url. I just used and

The OP used a link from a google search result, SB can’t control that. It will fade away with time, or SB will add a forward for it. Real 1st world problem.


I wonder, will most of the links to help pages in this forum no longer work, if the google ones no longer work?

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Sorry, missed that. Perhaps go on to the Google forum and add a feature request? Oh, wait … :smiling_imp:

Static links break all the time as things change. Usually a webmaster will put in redirects that will at least mean you still be able to find the content, however some items I’d bookmarked over the years to the Steinberg Knowledgebase have changed – on the other hand, does anyone really need to know how to configure a pagefile on Windows 95 anymore?

I have to say though, Steinberg have done a stellar job with the upgrade of this forum a few years ago … over time all of the content from the previous forum has come back, and it’s rare to find a link to an old forum post broken.


Links in the forum to the help site all work.

Using a search engine to to navigate to a website is entirely a user’s choice. But it’s a great example of using a non-authoritative resource, which, sorry for broaching the subject, is a social ill these days.


Wasn’t that post unlisted before most people could even see it?

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Dunno. Got it in an email.

For those who are looking for the manual, go to, navigate to the resource you want, and bookmark it.

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I wholeheartedly agree that it’s highly commendable, that Steinberg is
continually striving and imho mostly succeeding in improving their products and surrounding resources.

And I also agree, that it’s unreasonable to expect Steinberg to be responsible for workflows out of their control. Especially when it would be an insane amount of extra work.

So it’s unreasonable to expect Steinberg to create redirects for the myriads of inbound links to specific sections of their online manuals.

However I don’t think it’s a social ill when I use Google or whatever to find things on this forum or in the Steinberg online help, when the respective builtin search engines just won’t get me there. - Including occasions when Google simply has superior ways of unearthing relevant results when one isn’t using the exact correct search terms. A full-time billion dollar search engine simply has vastly superior resources to figure out scenarios where the user doesn’t remember or even know the exact terminology that is needed.

So yay Steinberg for the new help site!

And while it makes Google in the short term less useful for finding stuff on the new site, this is Google’s problem and not Steinberg’s.

But I’ll continue to use Google or whatever it takes to best get me to authoritative resources.

p.s. Potential short term work-around for Google (and other) search engines: Narrow the search by time, so that it only lists results that were indexed after the publishing of the new

Seriously?! I haven’t gotten an email about the help redesign.

You can set up alerts for Announcements:


Cool @MrSoundman That’s a handy one.

One thing about the new help page - the sign in doesn’t work. It’s not that necessary to be logged in, but this is still something that should be fixed, unless we now need a third login for Steinberg (main site and shop being first two), which would be unfortunate.

Anyone else tried this? I know I had my credentials correct - I was pasting them in from my password manager. Also, being logged in already at didn’t work either.