Steinberg CI1 + MXL V67 mic

Hello everyone,

I’m obviously new here and yes I have scoured the forum but I swear I can’t find a fix for my problem. Just looking to do some light v/o work in a spare closet. I installed all the required software(s) and driver, I hooked up my CI1 through the usb, and plugged the mic into the line in slot and pressed the phantom power button. I then hop into Soundforge to attempt to record my voice. All should be well, but my mic only picks up what I think is very faint static, but I think it might also be picking up nothing at all. I don’t understand my problem. I tried it with the attached software and the same thing, the mic doesnt seem to be responding. I’ve attached pics below to show how I’m setting things up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m honestly at my wits end. Here’s my specs. Thanks.

Windows 7
6 gigs of ram
lots of hardrive space


Surely in Soundforge there is some screen where you can configure your audio routing options? I didn’t see this in any of your screenshots, that may very well be the issue. I don’t own Soundforge, and therefore can’t help much there but if you want to post some pics of Wavelab, maybe I can be of some assistance.