Steinberg CI2 or Audiogram 6?

Can´t solve my Asio-trouble with Zoom H4/Cubase LE4/Windows7 and I´m buying a new sound card. Choosing between Steinberg CI2 and Audiogram 6 or something in the same pricelevel with a simple Cubase included. I don´t care so much about the knob with Steinberg, more about sound quality and what makes the difference in the Cubase versions AI4 vs AI5. Experiences and recommendations?

If you don’t care for the controller capabilities of the CI2 or CI2+ then you’d be better off with the CI1, which delivers the same quality/interface features, and leaves you with a little more cash. I know nothing about the Audiogram 6. I just thought I might throw it in there that you’re basically wasting money if you don’t have use for the control features of the CI2s. The other differences are color/bundled software, which mean little if you have other Cubase versions.

Thanks, I have Cubase LE4 from my H4 but curious about the updates and better functions I can get in AI4 or AI5. Much diffrence? With CI1 I just get Sequel le 2 and wavelab le 7, no Cubase…

If you’re looking for a Cubase version that has some functionality at a rather low cost, I would check out
Elements 6, which would put you in the best of all worlds IMO. Yes, AI4 to AI5 is a move in the right direction, but I bet that the differences would be subtle.

Ok, so far I have very simple demands in Cubase though. Maybe keeping my LE4 and the CI1 is the best choice. Got new information that it is much better soundquality than I´ll get with Audiogram 6. Still, I thougt there would be more cards with better Cubase versions included, but maybe it´s better to upgrade Cubase by itself later on?