Steinberg CI2 USB problem


I have a Steinberg CI2 USB Studio and a Logitech g930 USB Headset. When I have both connected, I have to disable either one because only one is able to work.

To get the Steinberg CI2 up and running again I have to plug the USB into the pc again and restart. As long as it’s connected, I will not be able to play audio through my headset, even though I set the headset as default. Everything will be run through the Steinberg CI2.

I didn’t have this problem earlier, it came up after a new format and reinstallation of OS.


Logitech G930 Headset (USB)
Steinberg CI2 Studio (USB)
Intel i7 2600k sandy bridge
Nvidia GeForce GTX 570
4 gb ram
1tb samsung hdd
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Thanks for replies.

That is the main disadvantage of usb headsets, the fact that they need their own audio driver. If you want to use both simultaneously in Cubase, you can install the ASIO4all drivers.
If it’s for things in windows like listening to music etc, then I’m not sure what to do. I think windows should be able to handle separate drivers simultaneously, but I’ve no experience with that. ASIO4all won’t help you in that case.

i have ci 2 driver it was working before aweeks ago. but now it is total unable to seich the divice with its driver.