Steinberg Cl1 problem?

Hello there guys, I have this problem with the Steinberg CL1, it seems that when I connect any of my headphones/earpieces to the 1/4 plug then to the Headphones plug, the output is only on the left, not the right. Any help?

Someone please help me! The monitor speakers I have are also only playing on the left! Any audio that I play is also on the left!

Is this in Cubase (or another DAW) or a different kind of application? Make sure you plug your headphones into the Phones output rather than the line out, your original post is unclear.

When using headphones, sometimes bends in the cord near the 1/8 inch extension will pan the sound to one side or another.

I found out what the problem is already, thanks for your help, anyways. It was the Jack Converter, it was a mono / unbalanced one.

Oh, been there done that. Fortunately for you, stereo converters are cheap. Can’t imagine how you found a mono one!