Steinberg Classroom Resource Pack ?

what ever happened to this product ?

Does Cubase have any sort of certification process ? a lot of other DAW offer a course of some sort, and with the introduction of countless new features and tools people could learn (and someone turn a tidy profit) helping said people out.

just a thought…

if anyone has one for sale … :question:

Hi there,

this product is indeed not existing anymore.

We do have Steinberg Certified Training Partners though. We also support and work with a lot of schools around the globe.

Check it out here:

If you have any specific question, just let me know.


I am in UK and also interested to find out how to become a certified Steinberg Trainer.

Hi there,

you can contact if you are interested.


Is this possible remotely? Or do I have to be in a specific country?

We are interested in training partner all around the globe.
Once you send a mail to training partners, we will send you the official application forms. When we received those, we will check with our partners at location to get in touch with you.

Hi Melosch ,

Thanks for your advice , I did sent a mail to on March 30 th. But i still haven’t got any reply , Is there any other way of Contacting relevant department.

Thanks .