Steinberg CMC-QC questions


I’ve got some questions about the Steinberg CMC-QC controller;

  1. Is it possible to control multiple vst effects or instruments?
  2. Can I switch between the different vst/vsti without reprogramming the controller? For example, first i want to control the first insert on a track (compressor) and then i want to control a vsti etc…
  3. Can i control UAD plugins with it?

Thank you


  1. Question 1 is a bit ambiguous but I’d say yes.

  2. Each track has a Quick controls tab in the inspector, whichever controls you specify for each track -up to 8, they will be controlled by the CMC-QC, when the specfic track is selected. VSTis and effects may have to be learned by the device. Full EQ control for all tracks is automatic.

  3. sorry, don’t have any UAD plugins.

Have you checked out the videos for these devices?