steinberg crashes and closes when editing midi files!!! HELP

Hey guys,
im running 6.5 and everytime i go to edit a midi file, the warning (pictured) comes up,if i press cancel or ok,either way it crashes and no one from steinberg will reply to me to fix the damn problem,and im fed up!
if someone out there could PLEEAAASE PLLLEAAASE help me,i would appreciate that so much! its frustrating the hell out of me,has been for months and i just want to make some songs!!! :angry:

cheers everyone.

  • samantha

First: you are using WinXP, judging from the screenshot, which is not supported for Cubase 6. It works for most people but there’s no guarantees there.
Second: Try trashing your preferences. Search the knowledgebase for more info.
Third: Temporarily move all your plugins and see if the program still crashes. Move them back in one by one to see which one causes the problem.

If all of the above fails get some coffee, enjoy the weather and then come back and give us some more information on your system :slight_smile:

Dear Samantha,

please update your Cubase Artist to the 6.5.3 version (note that the 6.5.4 is not officially supported):