Steinberg - Cubase 10 - WTF are you thinking?

Yes it is ugly and depressing to look at and irritating to use. Until this is sorted I think I will go back to using 9.5 (which was great!)

Does anybody have a good thing to say about it?

Even the voice over on the product videos is unappealing!

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Although OT, the only thing I have to say is that this post is going to get censored, as was mine half an hour ago. I agree with the rest.

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Opinions seem split on the new look, you can’t please all the people all of the time. Personally I find it fine and (mostly) clearer.
Feature-wise, I like the new sidechain selection method, also the new Variaudio functionality and the audio align has already saved me time.

In answer to the original question “Does anyone have anything good to say about it”?

Yes I do :slight_smile: I think its an improvement over 9.5. I have it looking sharper on my HD monitor. It is noticeably slicker/quicker on my PC but then I have very limited RAM. Sure there are a few small bugs and some left over from previous versions but IMHO this is the best version yet. Looking forward to future updates but I would not go back to 9.5 and that was the best version up until 10 arriving.

I think they did a great job, everything is clear and more ergonomic. Go use that flat mess Studio One and come back with some appreciation. Some people can’t handle change though…

I love the new GUI! Excellent direction for Cubase.

new GUI is cool =)

I find that when you work with software every day, ANY change can feel ‘wrong’ at first. When I first opened C10 I didn’t like the visual changes but after a day, I have warmed to it. Aside from a few minor things, it mostly feels a bit cleaner/clearer. I give it a thumbs up.

there are a few bugs and niggles… certain vsts (64 bit) crashing c10. groove agent 5se and full 5 only offering mixer export on 2 of the 3 agents. gui issues in groove agent when selecting sound sets. some sampler track niggles and vst synths not sounding during and after working in midi editor. only a cubase restart fixes it… on the whole a good upgrade on 9.5. sound engines seems better with my cpu. if the bugs get ironed out ill be a happy camper… with the backing of yamaha im suprised with the appearing lack of of alph and beta testing. seriiously feel cubase needs a complete rewrite from the ground up for it to compete with the newer kids on the block. oh and not using paying punter as release testers… its kind of an insult to users who work hard to pay for not so cheap software.

I loathe house/dance/techno music… Steinberg should remove all the functionality to create that kind of music based on my likes / dislikes…



Loving the new gui changes. Having a few issues, but nothing major.

The great thing about where we are is the debate. It is interesting to see the reaction to changes and the sometimes rather over the top responses of some users. It was the same for Cubase 9. Actually I am of the same persuasion as Rootwitch. I am not keen on EDM etc., but know that we must coexist in the interests of this software. I am not welded to continuing in the same way as before and am willing to adapt to the new. I can understand the complaints about the right click, the font and the disappearance of well used features.

It is quite clear however that the competition is hotting up and that there is less money to go round. A modern DAW cannot stand still and given the complaints about Steinbergs complacency in the face of Studio One et al it is perhaps not surprising that they would wish to move forwards. There have been many times I have considered changing to something else, but I have decided there is nothing out there that would suit me better. So I will make these changes work for me and hope that some of the more important missing stuff finds it’s way back. “User configurable right click” anyone?

I think it looks fab. Much clearer and consistent, and the arrows on the side of the inspector are long overdue.
As a Nuendo user I will unfortunately have to wait a while to get the same functionality :slight_smile:

They still havent fixed the bug with changing VSTs. Like i create a new track for a synth, then i change the synth but the old synth name is still there.

Are you talking about the actual track name? If so, I don’t think you can call that a bug. It’s just a design choice (and a sensible one IMO). Apologies if you are talking about something different

I love the new GUI. Less distracting to look at.

I’ve been around this one. It’s designed this way. Some prefer to name the tracks bass, synth piano etc. So they remain static when changing vsts