Steinberg Cubase and MicroTuning

So after all these years of false claims that Cubase has a MicroTuner Insert Effect for MIDI,
has anyone ever successfully detuned a single Note with this thing? Do you know that its
not even working with Steinbergs own plugins, forget third parties…unless i am stupid.
Am i missing something in here???

What do you mean a “single note”?

I’ve used it successfully with both external and internal. In fact, the only time it doesn’t work is using Kontakt. Apparently, whatever method they use seems to completely screw with K’s scripting engine. Reason #987 to f’n hate Kontakt. POS.

But, I’ve always got a static setting…meaning, I’m setting it to Just Intonation for the given key center…I’m not trying to dynamically change it…although, I have set up two–for a modulated song, and automated activating and deactivating them.

I don’t know that I’ve used it since version6…I did notice they removed the setting for “internal or external”-which I assume means they’re either auto detecting or just using the same method for both. Not sure how that will affect success…but, the reason I haven’t is both VSL’s new(er) VI Pro2 player and MojoHorns in Kontakt both have their own settings for just intonation…

Yes, it does not work with everything, but it does work.

Edit: Microtuner does work with the Steinberg Halion Sonic SE, even though people have reported that tech support says no.

Thanks guys…i simply can’t get it to work…i tried with many plugins.
Even with Halion and all of the Steinbergs Stock Plugins…i simply wanna
use it as a simple Microtuner, detune one note in a Scale or whatever
you call it…sam as on Keyboard user scales e tc…

Hm. Try this file. It’s one midi track routed to Halion Sonic SE with a C major scale and the microtuner plugin inserted on the track. It works here.

Does it work?
microtune.cpr (233 KB)

Thanks Steve.

On Cubase 7 / Mac, the Microtuner plug-in does not work properly on ANY Steinberg instrument. It may initially work for a short while but it soon ceases to have any effect. Meanwhile, the other midi inserts do work, so there seems to be a problem with the Microtuner. Unless I’m doing something wrong but I can’t figure out what that could be.

I hope you are also posting this the Cubase 7 forum. It will not be seen here.

Right. Yes, I did post on the C7 forum, and I sent an email to technical support. But I noticed people were having similar problems in C6.

Nope, not working, the only thing i got it working with is Halion and Retrologue…i wish it worked with Prologue.

Confirmed, it does not work with Prologue.

It is as if they put the plugin in Cubase, added the ability to use it in a couple instruments, and then abandoned it.

It is not useful at all in this state, except in very specific circumstances. (you have to want to use where it works.)

This is the bad side of the programs development, where things are unfinished, loose ends untied, inexplicable omissions persist literally for years without being removed, explained or put right.

EDIT: Though in fairness I should mention it does work in Halion Sonic SE, which came after the plugin.

EDIT 2: It does work with Prologue, see below.

EDIT 3: No it doesn’t.

Well thats why thats where i put the stop to issuing Steinberg a check of 149.99 every year.
We stop at 6.5…it was enough for the last 14-15 years of getting check from us.
There is many other choices now…i love the competitive world…7 won’t see the light here.

Comparison of the microtuning feature in Logic and Cubase:
Cubase pros + several tunings can be used on different tracks simultaneously (unlike in Logic)

  • tuning changes can be automated (unlike in Logic)
    cons - does not work (unlike in Logic)


Yup…it can do many things better then Logic…if it actually works… :smiley: …but it does not work.

After many support requests I finally got an answer from Steinberg: “None of the VSTi’s in Cubase support the microtuning plug-in. That is why it isn’t working. From the info I have received it seems that there are no plans to make them support it either.”

Then, STEINBERG! why the HELL is the MicroTuning feature in there at all please?


It is maddening isn’t it? All the more because that information is not correct.

Halion sonic SE does support the plug in for micro tuning

It is actually correct…Halion is the only thing that supports it and we all know that…useless.

Cubase inspires a lot of anger. I don’t mean Halion, I mean the built in Halion Sonic SE.

It’s good for people who like the sounds in it; So I have never actually used the micro tuning plug in, only tested it hopefully, and then not used it because it is a closed system.

Cubase has more features than any other sequencer, but to actually use them seems to result in many woes. It’s a matter of weighing how much you can put up with to get the benefit of those features.