Steinberg/ Cubase Artist 9.5 Issues

I’ve been having many issues with Cubase and just Steinberg in general recently. Bought Cubase Artist 9.5 last November. My laptop recently broke and I bought a new one. I haven’t been able to use Cubase on my new laptop. Here’s a list of the issues I’m facing.

  • eLicencer is showing that I have Cubase 10 (Which I don’t), but when I try to install Cubase 9.5, it says I can’t and that I must request a new activation code. Which brings me to my next issue.
  • I can’t login to my Steinberg account. It says my email doesn’t exist. I have the email from my order confirmation which allows me to retrieve the activation code and displays the email I have my account under.
  • I downloaded Cubase 9.5, said that I’ve already registered, but anytime I want to do anything, like load a previous project or create a new one, it crashes.

Unfortunately I’ve been searching online for answers but can’t find many. I’ve found many disgruntled, former users of Cubase who claim that Steinberg provide little to no support for these issues.
Has anyone had this problem and can point me in the right direction to resolve this?

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry to hear you have an issues with Cubase.

It might be you got Cubase Artist 10 license for free thanks to Steinberg Grace Period.

I don’t understand this really. Installation itself is not dependent on the Activation. So, can you install your Cubase? Is your Cubase installed and you can start it? Or what is the real state? Could you attach a screenshot of the message?

You don’t need a new Activation Code. Your Cubase Artist license is stored on the USB-eLicenser. Just plug the USB-eLicenser with the license in.

Are you sure you have used the same email address? Have you already registered to the MySteinberg?

Sorry, I’m totally confused… You said, you can’t install Cubase…