Steinberg cubase reminds me of cakewalk sonar

looking at how cakewalk did with Sonar and ended up kaboom, looks like Steinberg is taking very similar path with cubase.

Elucidate, please?

So Steinberg is being sold to Gibson then shelved and sold for parts?

Put the pipe down :laughing:

Yea seems like when Steinberg was acquired by Yamaha, things went down hill


In the past SIXTEEN years since the acquisition I kind’a feel like Nuendo has gotten better, not worse.

  • ‘Field recorder’ functionality
  • game audio connectivity
  • Dolby Atmos
  • VCA (mostly functioning)
  • Video cut detection
  • Re-conform
  • ARA 2
  • Audio Align
  • Newer and/or better plugins
  • Ambisonics support
  • Render in place
  • Anymix Pro
  • Nuage controllers
  • Nuage converters

And more…

So yeah, “things went down hill”…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the same planet as other people…

Th OP is trolling, plain and simple.

Or assuming that every acquisition leads to a certain death? So in any case…? Never mind!

This one is obviously going nowhere. Locked.