Steinberg Cubasis 2

n I reviewed the first version of Cubasis, back in the March 2013 issue, I concluded that it was “a very promising mobile music-making tool that could shine if Steinberg iron out the initial quirks and bugs and keep the app up to date”. And, in the nearly four years since the app was released, to their credit, Steinberg have done just that, with a steady stream of 1.x updates. These releases have included (take a deep breath) support for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, the ability to have 24 inputs and outputs and utilise higher sampling rates, support for MIDI Clock and other MIDI messages, the Micrologue virtual analogue synth, track freezing, automation, audio output via Bluetooth, AirPlay, and HDMI, Bluetooth MIDI, MiniSampler and 64-bit support. So yes, Steinberg have done far more than simply keep the app ‘up to date’.

The first thing you’ll notice after downloading Cubasis 2 is what Steinberg describe as a “carefully redesigned user interface”. This essentially amounts to a flatter, cleaner design that’s a little crisper and more pleasing to the eye than previous versions.