Steinberg Customer Support ignores my ticket

Sent a ticket five days ago, no one replies.
Anyone had a similar experience?

Just opened another ticket in a different section, hopefully they will finally wake up?

unfortunately that’s pretty much the norm.

Even nuendo owners don’t get a response. Depending on your country of origin there might be alternative ways:

I have some tickets that are many months old. Strictly speaking this is a “user” forum - but you may have more luck posting in the relevant forum here

Months old?!? I’m speechless.

Thanks for the link btw, I’ll give them a call.

One of the reasons why they are swamped… :confused:

that’s right - it the customer fault :unamused:

I haven’t just opened a ticket and waited, I wrote them again on the same ticket, still nothing.
That’s why I decided to open another one, maybe they look into certain issues first.
No answer yet though.