Steinberg customer support

I was just going to put this message in my original thread but thought it best to highlight Steinberg customer services with a new thread.

Basically if anyone has read my initial thread “Halion 4 problem” they will see that I was having a problem installing Halion 4 on my new system having done a fresh install of my OS and software on a SSD, the problem was caused by my own carelessness which is so unlike me generally!!

I emailed Steinberg to help and hadn’t heard back in a couple of days and was thinking the worst…

They contacted me today with ISO images for Halion 4/content and I am so, so grateful. It’s often too easy to criticise and not commend when something goes well. I have to say I am extremely pleased with Steinberg and their customer service and this will now allow me to install Halion 4, upgrade to Halion 5 and get back to playing!!

Thanks so much to Steinberg for sorting this for me and it’s always nice to have a happy ending :sunglasses:

Cool, I think we had this discussion at KVR. I went through the identical problem when I installed Windows 8. I didn’t realize how many of the things I have from Steiny are now downloads. I had most of the images/installers, but was missing a few. It took a few days to get links for them as I discovered which were missing. It was consistent, and no hassle.

I’ve never needed Steiny technical support, so I can’t speak to that. But, they have always treated me great with the license management stuff.

they are on the ball atm , the support is really great :wink: