Steinberg Developer Resource / Update

Hi all,

We have updated the Steinberg Developer Resource and added a new section called Guidelines.

The new sections gives you all information needed to create your own libraries and presets:

HALion Libraries explains the different workflow steps that are needed to create a library. There is also a chart that gives you a perfect overview of the complete process.

Creating Instruments provides you with more details on how to build instruments in HALion 6 that work in HALion Sonic (SE) 3, why you must export them as HALion Sonic SE Layer preset, and why you should do the final sound design in HALion Sonic 3.

The Preset Guideline explains the sound design and naming conventions. Other users will appreciate the consistency of the presets when you stick to these conventions.

The Quick Control Guideline explains the usage of, well yes, Quick Controls.

And finally, the MediaBay Guideline explains how to tag your content for the Steinberg MediaBay.

With the help of this guideline you will be able to create presets and libraries that will perfectly work on the HALion platform. There are a lot of examples and background information that will help to get a better understanding of the library creation process.

If you have any kind of feedback or feel like that there is certain information missing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


With the new 6.1 update it seems that this needs to be updated again to reflect the ability to edit Halion Sonic Programs within Halion 6.