Steinberg DJ-friendly Audio Interface

What is the best Steinberg audio interface to use for djing? So I can PRE-CUEing track while other track is playing?
I want use it with Ableton and Cubase.

Considering the UR44 or UR28M


Guys & Girls.

“Steinberg UR44” or “Novation AudioHub”?

I’m a Cubase and Ableton user. I will need a audio interface to use within studio for mixing/mastering but also to use outdoor for DJing. (CUEing).

Novation Audiohub seem to be a no brainer for performance as it have a switch button for cueing in the front panel (also 3 additional USB ports) BUT…as I’m a loyal Steinberg user for many years I’m thinking about setup my studio with Yamaha/Steinberg software/hardware products.

Even knowing the UR44 have four outputs, would it be a “no brainer” setup for cueing for DJ performance?
Would be the output loud enough for cueing?

Thank you All

You need an audio interface with at least 4 outputs for that, one stereo pair for monitoring and one stereo pair for playback. All Steinberg audio interfaces have at least 4, with the exception of the UR22 which has only 2.
All of these should work just fine with both Ableton and Cubase.

The only downside of the other Steinberg’s audio interface, apart of UR22, are they are not USB powered devices.
In that case I may have to go somewhere else which is such pity. :confused:

Yep, I agree that is a shame. Then again these aren’t really designed for DJ work, they’ve got lots of features you just don’t need as a DJ (No sane DJ will use a phantom powered condenser mic, let alone 4 :stuck_out_tongue:).

Thank for the help pal.

Hi again.

Would UR44 OR UR28M Audio Interface be suitable for djing?

I just would like to confirm first before I buy it.

I would like to use it with Ableton for djing and with Cubase for recording/production

thank you

Is that real? Nobody will be able to answer that question.

The UR44 would be fine for DJing, it has the independent outputs you need for monitoring and live mix and low latency drivers.

Thank you dude

I would not worry about output level of the headphone amp, although ‘loud enough’ is not very clearly defined and is also very dependent on your headphone impedance.

Personally I would never buy the Novation for studio work. It has no useful inputs other than a single stereo RCA which is completely useless if you ever want to record a microphone or guitar for instance.

I have no experience with Ableton, the only DJing I ever did was with Traktor. With traktor however, cueing was very easy in the software and also on the hardware controller I had. I never felt the need for a button on my audio interface for that purpose.

It’s your decision of course, but the UR44 is simply much better for studiowork and although the Novation may have a slight functional edge for DJing, the UR44 is also fine for that.

If you are still in doubt, you can try to find a local dealer that will let you testdrive the UR44 with ableton, just to see if that floats your boat.

Good point about Novation Audiohub input Strophoid. o.O

In that case considering between the Steinberg UR44 or UR28M, which one would more useful for such purpose(Cueing)? perhaps both? :slight_smile:

As I mentioned before it will be mainly used for music production/mixing(Cubase) and live performance(Djiing with Ableton). Bear in mind I don’t do much recording though. Bedroom home studio based.

I do like the concept of the tidy connection with Cubase and the fact all software/hardware are made by the same company. Reason why of so many questions.

Just making sure before I buy the right device.

Thank you All.

I think the UR28 is a bit overspecced for what you are doing. It has 6 outputs and 2 headphone outputs, where you’ll be needing just 2 and 1 headphone output. The whole ‘monitor controller’ the UR28 is designed for is a bit wasted if you’re only using 1 pair of speakers and use no outboard gear. I don’t know the current prices for both, but if the UR28 is still more expensive than the UR44 I would opt for the 44 instead. This is just a guess, but I think that the UR44 is also safer to transport, the UR28 looks more fragile with the big knobs. That’s nice when having it on your table, but on the road maybe not so much.

Thanks for all info. Really appreciate it.
Tomorrow I will go to the store and check them out with my software. Hopefully I I will make my final decision.

Thank you once again and all the best.


Yamaha just released two new audio interface (AG03 & AG06) and it seem to be the right interface me.

Basically I would like to have a interface so I can record into Cubase, connect with iPad, few inputs, but also to use it with Ableton for djing.
Looking at the features details of both interface I am a bit confused.

Which one should I buy considering it for DJING purpose?

As you probably know I will need a interface so a can pre-listen tracks before I released them to the master output.

help me pls.

I was considering the UR44 but with this new USB powered Yamaha series I may change my mind


Would be the new YAMAHA AG SERIES audio interface perfect for this task?

I got my eyes on AG06 interface. o.O

thank you

These are unfortunately not fit for your purpose. Both models have: USB Audio: 2 IN / 2 OUT. This means that there are only 2 channels of audio available from the computer to the outputs. For DJ-ing you need 4, because both your main output and your monitor output are stereo.

Thank you pal. I will stick with UR44 then.

Thank you again.

No problem.

Hello all and sorry for my english,

I am planning to buy Yamaha AG06 and I would like to know if it is possilbe to record two different track at the same time in Cubase Artist. For example recording simulaneously a microphone and a guitar or a microphone and a keyboard on two separated track (two channel? or two layer? in cubase)?

Ddont know if it is clear,
Hope you will understant!
Many thanks, regards, Patrick