Steinberg documentation survey

Good afternoon Dorico forum!

A user survey about Steinberg documentation is now live, and all responses are most warmly welcomed and invited. This covers all Steinberg products, including Dorico, and includes questions about documentation localisation.

Please do take a look at it and share your views & experiences! Link here :slight_smile:

First comment: Thanks, Lillie (as always…)

And for those who wonder, if you want to go back to a previously answered question, you can scroll back (upwards) to re-highlight the question. At first I thought I could not revise and answer, but I discovered otherwise.

one logical mistake is there: Though I ticked the option [there is a GUI in my native language, but I use the english GUI anyway], it asks me to rate the translation of the GUI, which I obviously have no clue about

Thank you Lillie :slight_smile: (as usual :wink: )

Done yesterday!

Done! I don’t know how useful my answers are, because I learned Dorico largely by messing around on my own before there was much documentation to speak of. Also, even if there was a Dutch localisation I’d probably stick to English anyway.