Steinberg Dongle Failing


For the past few days, Cubase 8.05 will not launch because the dongle isn’t found. I unplug it, plug it back in and it works. Today, I received a message upon booting that the last USB device installed wasn’t found. I launched Cubase 8.05 and the program failed to launch because it couldn’t find the dongle.

I’ve had this dongle for at least ten years and have used it for Nuendo 2 - 5.5.6, Wavelab and now, Cubase 8.05. There are other demos and outdated licenses on the dongle as well.

Am I able to purchase a brand new dongle and transfer all of the licenses? Or will Steinberg need to be involved in the transfers? Thanks in advance for the assistance! :slight_smile:


No Steinberg involvement required as long as your old dongle can be recognised by eLicenser software. Just use this software to transfer all licenses to the new dongle.

But if your old dongle is completely dead and cannot be accessed by eLicenser software long enough to transfer licenses, you need to contact Steinberg.

Thanks for the reply! I found another E-Licenser and while it’s likely just as old, I transferred over the licenses to get me by until I receive a new one. Thanks!


as far as Steinberg product licenses are concerned, they should be listed and available from your “My Steinberg” account. If this is not up to date, you should see about getting it updated. This way if the dongle
dies and you cannot recover anything from it, you licenses are not lost. Just get a replacement dongle and using current version of E-Licenser retrieve your data from your “My Steinberg” account