Steinberg Dowload Assistant – constant network error

I urgently need to download Dorico 4 to my MacBookPro running High Sierra. I’ve installed the latest version of Download Assistant which says it’s compatible with OS High Sierra. It installs, then I get a message when opening it stating there’s a network problem.

Everything else is working fine on the network, and the Firewall is off. I’ve tried restarting several times.

I also tried to install the components separately, but one of them shows as not being compatible with OS10.13.

Any clues, please?

You can download everything related to Dorico 4 without using SDA from here:

Ah, thank you, Daniel.

Activation Manager says I need at least OS 10.14. The complete Download Assistant said it was compatible with 10.13 onwards.

However, I think I misremembered that Doruco 4 would work with High Sierra – apologies.

Yes, sorry, I should have picked up on that – Dorico 3.5 will work on High Sierra, but Dorico 4 requires Catalina or later. You’d need an old Dorico 3.5 license on an eLicenser as well: your Dorico 4 license won’t allow you to run Dorico 3.5 or earlier.

Thank you, Daniel. I thought 10.14 was Mojave? Is that not the minimum? I have to make an urgent decision here with funeral music to write while I’m away later in the week!

I have 3.5 on my MacBookPro (High Sierra) and thought it was still working without a dongle – I’ll check. If not, and I get an eLicenser, will I be able to get a 3.5 licence?

There have been so many named versions of macOS you’ll have to excuse me if I get them mixed up. Dorico 4 requires macOS 10.14 or later.

You don’t need a USB-eLicenser to run Dorico 3.5, but you do need an activation code for the soft-eLicenser on your new machine, and if you’ve already upgraded to Dorico 4, then you can no longer reactivate Dorico 3.5, because that license has been “consumed” by the upgrade process. I can, however, give you a time-limited license for Dorico 3.5 if need be.

Thank you, Daniel. I just wanted to be sure about the OS version – I’m not always clear either!

I’ve not upgraded to v4 on that Macbook. I just tried entering the activation code for 3.5 from when I bought it but I’m being asked for a USB elicenser.

At this late stage, assuming I’m understanding this correctly, I think it best that I either buy an elicenser for my existing code or accept your kind offer of a time-limited license – assuming that doesn’t need an elicenser!

You won’t need a USB-eLicenser. Provided you can see a Soft-eLicenser (which has a hard drive icon) in eLicenser Control Center, you can add your activation code there. I’ll send you a code via a private message.