Steinberg Dowload Assistant Error

I am trying to solve a problem with Backbone not activated, even I paid for it and received an activation key. I was instructed to restart the activation one more time from the beginnign and use the activation key that I receivd when I pruchased the Backbone. But, when I try to start the application I receive and error message:
A connection to the download server could not be established. Check your internet connection and try again. What shall I do?

I also found out that I have two accounts with Steinberg. This is the one that I use, here I am as LjStefko27 but I also have different account at the on-line shop with different password. It is possible that in one case I was using Crome and in the other Microsoft Edge without knowing it. I started with Cubase 9, upgraded it to Cubase 10.5 and when I upgraded to Cubase 12 some probems appeared and I was froced to open a new account, not knowing that I am using Edge instead of Chrome. Now I would like to upgrade to Cubase 13. I also use Cubase 10.5 on my MacBook Pro that I would like to upgrade to Cubase 13.
I know that these are two or three questions at one time, but I feel that they are connected somehow.
I need to know how should I upgrade on my MacBook Pro from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 13 once I pay for the upgrade of Cubase 12 to Cubase 13 on my Windows PC.
After sort this out, I am user I will not forget to upgrade Cubase on all platforms at the same time :grinning:

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Which application?

What is your account showing? Which licenses are available in your account?

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The application that I tried to start is the Steinberg Download Assistant.

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Also, I use the Activation Manager. Here is how it looks.

When I wanted to check the status in MySteinberg account, I could not sign in and I had to change my password in order to sign in again to my account. I was able to download the status in a JSON format. But, I can not upload the user-profile here as it is not supported. If you like to give me your e-mail address I can send it to you so that you can check my status from the JSON. It is called user-profile and I guess it is associated with my status.

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I don’t know if you could solve it but I could do a few days ago by downlading and installing most recent Steinberg Download Assistant

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Maybe this is valid for you.

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I uninstalled the Steinberg Download Assistant. I downloaded it again, the lastest version v1.35.0. I started the app, but again it did not work and did not want to upgrade. I went to the link for this kind of problem and as it suggested I had to download and install manually again 5 programs: eLicenser, Steinberg Acivation Manager, Steinberg Installation Assistant, Steinberg Library Manager and Steinberg MediaBay. I already had these programs, but some of them I updated. After this I started the Steinberg Download Assistant and now it worked properly! It showed the programs that I have from Steinberg and they are: Backbone, Cubase Pro 10.5, Cubase Pro 12 and Groove Agent 5.
Now I tried to use the Download Access Code for Backbone and activate the product. I copied the Download Access Code and started the activation for Backbone again. But, I received this message, telling me that the activation code has already been used and it can be used only once. As you can see, I was instructed to contact the software vedndor - which is Steinberg and get a valid activation code. So, what shall we do now? If it helps, I can send you the old acivation code - the one that is now working now.
I tried to redeem new download access code for Backbone, using the Steinberg Activation Manager. I entered the old download access code, but Steinberg Activation Manager responded that the code is too long! It has 8 parts of 4 characters, so it has 32 characters in total. If needed I can give you this code. Also, I found my customer number with Steinberg and that is: 111551198.

Can you please provide the requested information?
What is MySteinberg showing?

If you click in Steinberg Download Assistant on Updates, what does it show?

Hi guys! I think that I have solved the problem! This is how I did it:

  1. First I reinstalled the Steinberg Download Assitant (SDA)- by the process of manually installing the 5 apps that I have meniotned before. After that the SDA starte to work, I opened the Steinberg Activation Manager (SAM) and there it showed that the Backbone was not activated. Through this program I opened MySteinberg account and went into Products section. I redeemed the Dowload Access Code, but this time using no the 32 character code, but the shorter one that I copied from: Show eLicenser-based products tab. I entered this code into redeeming proces. During this process there was a communication with eLicenser Control Center and the license was upgraded sucesfully. Then I opened the SAM again and it showed to me that I need to activate the Backbone, which I did and now the Backbone is activated! I made it! Thank you for all your support in this process!



    During this process I found out that I havent updated Groove Agent 5 and I did it yesterday evening with all drums that were missing. Also downloaded other updates: Cubase, Backbone and some other stuff. It is working well now!
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