Steinberg Download Assistant Broken?

Trying to install Dorico 5 on my PC, however Steinberg Download Assistant outright refuses to load - tried uninstalling/reinstalling (as admin). Any solutions?

Here Dorico 5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg you can download D5 without SDA (which should be repaired, obviously).

That appeared to be able to help me use Dorico, thanks.

(SDA is still broken for me though)

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What happens exactly with SDA after a fresh reinstall?
I had problems in the past as well, because it refused to be authenticated with Firefox…

It was broken on my old Macbook Pro, and after I installed my Macbook Air, it’s still broken. No clue why this isn’t fixed, as the bug persists for months, if not years.

I did an activation successfully but I am not able to download the Dorico 5 version because I am not able to enter the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Solved. I downloaded the SDA manual and installed from scratch.
Perhaps the new macOS 12.6.6 interfered ?

Same problem for me. It couldn’t open, so I reinstalled and rebooted. New SDA opens but can’t see the internet connection.

It has never worked on my Mac. Luckily, there is the direct download.

Here, not even the Authorization Manager seems to work. But I could always solve it by logging into my Steinberg account on a web browser, and this seems to work as well.


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Do you have a proxy set for your OS? I found if my Chrome is set to use a proxy server, SDA won’t connect to anything. This has been this way for years.

Actually it’s working now. I don’t know why…