Steinberg Download Assistant can't launch

Just got a new Macbook Pro which is running High Sierra version 10.13.2 and bought Cubase Artist 9.5. I put in my code and downloaded the Steinberg Download Assistant, however when I try and run it, it instantly crashes within a second. The little Steinberg appears in my dock for a brief moment and then disappears. I’ve been scouring the web trying to find answers with no luck. I have already uninstalled the Assistant and reinstalled it multiple times without any luck. Same thing happens every time. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this? It’s incredibly frustrating. I can’t register my product because I can’t even download the program. Help!

If you download and install elicenser software and activate Cubase in elicenser using your activation code I think you should be able to register it and download directly from your MySteinberg account.

thanks for the suggestion however I tried to access the elicenser software page and unfortunately it just gives me an error message saying “Oops, an error occurred!” I’ve tried opening the page form different browsers and it’s the same no matter what. Open to trying anything else though.