Steinberg Download Assistant categories

There are some things that I find very annoying with the Download Assistant.

Why must the programs be listed in so many different spots?

Why can’t I be informed which programs I own, and which I must buy before I can run them?

Why is Halion Symphonic Orchestra listed as and VST Instrument & Plugin (among many others)? To me, it is a sound set or an addon for Halion (SE), Halion 6 I consider a VST instrument, and VST Connect I consider a plugin, why is this section filled up with sound sets? I can’t see me running Electric Bass thru anything else than one of the Halion options?

it just makes no sense to me, how about you guys?

I own Cubase 11 and Absolute collection among other things. Many products are listed in both “folders” or whatever you would like to call them. I run my software on 2 different computers as well. Sometimes the Assistant says “install again” (which is helpful), but most of the time it will say download or install. I have no idea if I actually did install a certain sound set or a software upgrade, it just makes for too much guesswork - and that annoys me.

I hope Steinberg will look into a better way of organizing this assistant. Just look to Native Access, a much cleaner way of handling a lot of software.

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Was confused about My Products when i purchased WaveLab 11 Pro. There was only Cubase.

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vary bad example…
had many problems the last 18 month to manage my installation on the old DAW computer… since I have a new machine, it is much better, but I’m afraid it will get worse again after a while…

There are no excellent solutions out there, they all have pros and cons…

Wavelab isn’t that much integrated into the SDA. But I think this will improve in the near future…

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Same here. Bought recently WaveLab 11 Pro but in Steinberg Download Assistant in My Products I see only my Cubase 11 Pro and LO-FI Piano… I hope that there will be fix there in future.

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I suspect there will be huge improvements in SDA as Steinberg Licensing takes over.

The standard workflow for Steinberg Licensing is to enter a Download Access Code in SDA, which activates the product in Steinberg Licensing and adds the product to My Products. I suspect, in time, My Products will be synchronised with the licences held on your Steinberg account.

actually this is alrady the case for some products… not for Wavelab at the moment

I believe SDA currently keeps a record of Download Access Codes entered to display “My Products”. If my understanding is correct, I was suggesting that it would move in time to display products in Steinberg Licensing on your account.

It syncs with the MySteinberg account
I installed a new DAW recently, and it knows my products activated on the old system already, except Wavelab and some older Soundpacks