Steinberg download assistant connection


download assistant gives an error
a connection to the download server could not be stablished
check your internet connection and try again
But the internet is connected and it works well.
From update 10 to 11, the download assistant will no longer work
I downloaded cubase 11from the website(steinberg)

  • The Cubase pro license is not on a soft elicenser.
  • the soft-elicenser is not used for Cubase 12

Please clarify your question in the briefest way possible. The fewer words you use the better it will be understood.


This is likely a temporary condition if the issue is on the server side.

Can you open the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Are you able to open Cubase Pro 12?

i have this same issue for 4 or 5 days now. multiple computers, re-installed Download Assistant. Trying to install Wavelab 11. My Download Assistant can’t reach the server just like above