Steinberg download assistant crash

I like to update to 3.5 12 and tried to launch Steinberg download assistant. I had to update it but it crashes or tells me an error occurred.
Is this a known issue with the Steinberg download assistant? And is there a solution?

Did you run it as Administrator?

Yes. I’m the only one using the computer.

That’s not always the same thing. In Windows (you didn’t say what your OS was) you can right-click on the program icon and specify in the pull-down

Sorry Derrek, I’m on a Mac.

Depending on what you’re trying to download, you can get most things from the support pages on the web site. If you’re looking for Dorico 3.5, check here.

If you can find any crash reports from Steinberg Download Assistant, in /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports, please zip them up and attach them here and I’ll pass them on to the SDA team.

Thanks Daniël,
First of all I’d like to complement you with the amazing piece of software you and your team are developing. It took me a few years to step over from Sibelius but Dorico is absolutely worth the step over and the steeper learning-process.
About the crash.
I want to update to the latest 3.5.12 version. Since update from within the Dorico menu does not lead to 3.5.12, I followed the advice on your
“To download and install the Dorico 3.5.12 update, use [Steinberg Download Assistant]”
And there I had to update the ‘download assistent’ first. Here it crashes.
I found the crash reports and will send it subsequently.
I’m sure updating will work with the link you provided above. Thanks. (56.3 KB)

Thanks, Rob. I’ll pass these logs on to the SDA team and I will come back to you if they have any feedback for me.

@Rob_Catlender, I heard back from the SDA team, who say that the version of SDA you’re running is a couple of years old. It should be able to update itself when you run it, but of course if it crashes that’s not going to be possible. So could you please try downloading and installing the latest version from here to see whether that resolves the problem?