Steinberg download assistant cubase 11 pro

hi i am ivan from milan-italy

i have bought “uad” interface apollo twin

i have upgrade from osx 10.11 to 12.01 monterey

i have upgrade from cubase 9pro to cubase 11 pro.

the problem is , and the question are:

why " steinberg download assistance" doesn’t work???

why when i try to open ,it crash???

i have to unstalled cubase 8.5 and cubase 9 for work whit 11? or doesn’t matter

thank for answer grazie

Maybe your system is not able to run it?
If the Download Assistant is crashing that has nothing to do with Cubase…

You can download from steinberg by going to the main site and support. I think you need the download assistant to authorise though.

no, you can do it without… but it’s not well documented…

Thank… Grazie for answering

Thank… Grazie for answering

&Thank… Grazie for answering

I had an issue with Download assistant until I updated/synced the computer clock. You could try that?

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  1. Make SURE you have the latest Download Assistant
  2. You can run ANY Cubase version that is compatible with your OS.
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  3. Im running a Apollo Twin/Monterey 12.0.1. and Cubase 11.0.40 here
  4. The Download Assistant does have an issue crashing from what Ive seen here.
  5. AFTER you install the latest Download Assistant I would go and TRASH the Download Assistant Preference File in your Preferences
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Thank… Grazie for answering

Si figuri

I would like to uninstall “steinberg download assistance” and upload it install it again… question: but in doing so I lose-uninstall cubase 11 or, are independent of each other

thank grazie for answering

They are separate apps

grazie for answer